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Cooling Slotion for Ambulances–Electric Air Conditioner

3月 08, 22

Electric Air Conditioner Installed on Ambulances vehicles

As a common vehicle type in our daily life, medical ambulances, it is very important to install a suitable air conditioner that can meet the needs. Here I recommend to you our battery-powered air conditioner, model Coolpro 2300. 2300W/7820BTU cooling capacity, 12V and 24V for customers’ choice, the air conditioner can both working in driving or parking(when the ambulance is waiting for customers). Here let me know more details about this type.


Drivers can adjust the air conditioner through remote control or the roof control panel, easy operation to fully meet the comfort cooling needs of the ambulance driver .



Coolpro 2300 Details:

Model CoolPro2300
Voltage DC12V/24V
Installation Types Roof Integrated Mounted
Air Flow 250-450m³/h
Power 300-1200W
Cooling Capacity 2300W
Control Model Smart Variable frequency
Size (L*W*H) 790*865*185mm
Application All kinds of truck cabs, Van and construction vehicles



  1. Rooftop mounted type air conditioner, integrated type, easy installation
  2. Scroll compressor and high power cooling fan, can achieve fast cooling
  3. 360° air supply, you can feel the cooling at every place insdie the ambulance
  4. Low electrical protection device and long service life
  5. 2 years warranty


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