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Power System: AC 220-240V/50 Hz
Cooling capacity: 2500W+500W
Power Consumption: 750W+500W

This product is a new product developed by KINGCLIMA according to the demand trend of the European and Australian RV markets. The product has the advantages of small extension, lightweight, high efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, in order to reduce product noise and improve product comfort, an excellent sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing material EPP is adopted.
An under-bench air conditioner can be installed in the seat or under the bed in the RV, and does not take up space; the air outlet of the air-conditioning can be arranged at will, which is very convenient and also improves the efficiency of the air, thereby realizing rapid cooling.


  1. It can be installed under the seat or bed without taking up effective space;
  2. There is no outdoor unit, which can keep the exterior wall of the building beautiful;
  3. Using EPP monolithic shell, the noise is very low;
  4. The cold wind can lead to where the customer wants;
  5. Exhaust at the bottom does not affect surrounding residents; fresh air can enter from the bottom or side walls.


Power System AC 220-240V/50 Hz
Cooling/heating capacity 2500W+500W(Auxiliary electric heating)
Refrigerant R410a
Power Consumption 750W+500W(Auxiliary electric heating)
Overall Dimensions 398Wx296Hx734D
Product Weight (unpackaged) 27.8kg
Installation opening dimensions: installation drawings are attached with A/C
Air pipe diameter 2.5inches(63.5MM)


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